What Cyd Knows


As I am reborn~

It is time to fulfill my purpose to live on this earth and think only the thoughts of heaven.

Thus shall heaven and earth become as one…they no longer exist as two separate states. In my miraculous thinking, my mental habits no longer permeated with fear, my life becomes a canvas for the expression of that joy.



Let my miracle be my awakening from my perception of my life here on earth, my misconceived hard-ships, pain and sacrifice. As my mind expands to my higherself awareness, I choose to return to inner peace.

May my heart sing with the love of life and may I treat life like the power of the Universe.
As I ask for this miracle of new life ,unlike the past, I am made new, my relationships are made new, my career shall be made new, my body shall be made new.
So shall the will of god be done in my new way of life, on earth as it is in heaven, not later but now, not elsewhere but here, not thru pain but thru peace.



~ Amen

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