Relationship Prayer

So many people come to me with relationship troubles. They are wither looking for “THE ONE” or looking to better their existing relationship. SO… here is a prayer for all relationships. May we all be blessed with a special and beautiful fulfilling love.

Our Heavenly and most Gracious Father, we come to you today to ask for your blessing over our relationships. Where there is no relationship, let there be space for a True Love to exist. Where there is already love present, let it be Divinely Blessed.

May their devotion to you and to one another be stronger with each passing day. May they always see the light in each others souls. May their thoughts and words be in loving kindness to one another.

Bless their family and home with your Divine Presence. May health and happiness fill their lives with laughter and joy. May humility and your love bring a willingness to be vulnerable and honorable.

Father, Bless them with abundance and prosperity to always have security to provide for themselves and their families. May they bless their children, family and friends with a loving stable and happy home life filled with honor, humility, gratitude and grace.

May they always find peace and comfort in each others arms.

With all our love and gratitude we humbly thank you.
In full faith, SO BE IT! AMEN