Prosperity and Abundance Prayer

Divine Blessings of Prosperity & Abundance With God All is Possible
(Say out Loud)

With tremendous gratitude respect and love, I humbly ask for
Divine Blessings of Abundance & Prosperity
for myself, my family and to all in need.

We humbly invoke to the Divine Supreme God, Divine Father,
Divine Mother… To all the Spiritual teachers, all the Spiritual Elders, Holy Masters,
Arch Angels, Holy Angels, Spiritual helpers and Saints…..
We humbly invoke for your Divine Blessing.

Our gracious and Supreme Father, may I receive unto your divine light,
divine love, divine guidance and all divine healing energy.
May I be blessed with illumination, inner healing, physical healing & emotional healing.
I humbly ask for all and any poverty consciousness energies,
thoughts or emotions be removed from me now. May all blocks to my divine
abundance and prosperity be disintegrated now!

Thank you for your blessing! Thank you for your blessing Father!
May I receive unto your good will and have the willingness to do good.
I completely, permanently accept and absorb your divine blessing to my life as money
gives us the freedom to pursue things that are permanent.

May my soul shine with your love,
May my divine self humbly guide me in your divine grace.
May all my thoughts and actions be of pure love and Joy.

Thank you for your blessing. With GOD all things are possible. We thank you.
I thank you with tremendous gratitude .respect and love. We thank you.

In full faith… So Be It! Amen