Life Transforming CD’s

A celebration of beautiful music accompanies Cyd in this unique new and fun way to meditate. Each CD will guide you into deep relaxation where you can discover your own quiet inner peace while opening avenues to your soul which you will remember in your day to day life.

  • Wholeness of the Self

    “Harmony is the inner vibration of contentment we feel when our minds quiet and conversation ceases. To balance our inner needs for spiritual growth and personal expression, we first need to eliminate our depletion of energy.”

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  • The Ultimate Relationship

    “The ultimate relationship is a unified being in harmony with himself and the universe. The greatest fear of the soul is the loss of the self. Joy radiates throughout the universe, for on this day, the highest love union becomes a fulfilled promise. This day is the end of loneliness, the end of loves longing for itself.”

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  • Returning Home – A Soul’s Willingness of Self Expression

    “A willingness to express the self is an absolute of the soul. In its necessity to do so, the soul will guide us towards its destination. As you reveal your true self, the soul rejoices in Coming Home and freeing yourself of falseness.”

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  • Books

    “Transitions” by Nathaniel

    They on the other side, call me “The Clairvoyant”…

    Cyd has been recognized as a true spiritual advisor to thousands, guiding and giving understanding of the Universe…Cyd is a direct catalyst, taking a stand for their personal evolution and sharing in the most extraordinary of spiritual journeys. The essence of Cyd has been captured in the book “Transitions” by Nathaniel, a book of one man’s journey through life and his spiritual evolution. Cyd has been featured and accredited as a profound influence in his life transformation.
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