Prayer to be of Service

Divine Heavenly Supreme Father,

I come to you today with eternal love and gratitude, Please know the depth of how truly thankful I am for you to hear me today. As I bow before you I am humbled in your presence. I am in awe of your magnificence, beauty and grace. You are the joy that fills my whole heart and soul. It is my greatest honor to faithfully serve you. I
thank you for your Divine presence in my life and in the lives of others. Thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me, my family and friends.

May I be blessed with continued inner peace, Illumination of my mind and body with thoughts of serving you. May my purpose be only thru your divine love. Bring my mind to a new understanding of your will for me. Immerse my thoughts with clarity , understanding and purity. May your thoughts become my thoughts. Show me, change me and guide me for I will always follow.

May I see my life and the lives of others thru your eyes with out judgment or fear. Bless my life and path Father with your divine presence. I come to you in the highest and deepest love in my soul. Know my love and gratitude for I am so very blessed. I am open to receiving all that you have for me. Make my life and presence be for your highest will. I am asking to be your eternal servant. Please use me as an instrument of your love for all. With you all is possible! Change me. Take my life over for your purpose …I am ready.