Prayer for Forgiveness

OUR Heavenly and most Gracious Father, on this day I humbly bow before you with my heart and soul fully open. Filled with all my love, I come to you to ask for Forgiveness. Forgiveness of all my sins. Forgiveness of all my wrong doings towards you ..towards myself…and towards others. I ask for forgiveness of any judgment I have of myself and others. I ask for forgiveness of any misunderstanding of your will.

All loving, All knowing and All compassionate God, I ask for you to fill all my thoughts and actions with only those of love. Cleanse my mind. Cleanse my heart. Cleanse my soul. May my thoughts, deeds and actions be only those of loving kindness.

I come before you today to give my full hearted forgiveness to others who have wronged as they too are all learning here. They too are a child of God. May we be blessed with the willingness to do good and have a loving heart towards ourselves and others.

Where there is fear, bring Peace. Where there is anger, bring Joy. Where there is hate, bring Love. For with you all is possible.

With all my love and gratitude, I thank you. Thank you Father , for your unwavering love. May we be eternally blessed and Forgiven.