What Cyd Knows
Our real power emanates from a source within us, but not of us. Our greatest gift for living our ultimate life is the power to change our minds about ourselves and how we see the world. The purpose of my life is to align your mind with the will of a higher universal power.
Prayer is an important part of our daily and spiritual lives.. weather going thru hardship or feeling a need for guidance or change, we have a need to be connected to the Divine . It is an honor for Cyd to share her Divine connection with God to bless and bring an avenue for Divine blessing to all .
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Cyd is considered the most gifted and talented clairvoyant of our time, sought after by media for her prophetic visions ranging from global events to individual forecasts. Internationally, Cyd is a recurring on-air celebrity for numerous syndicated radio programs.
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Meditate with Master Clairvoyant Cyd

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Illuminating Yourself and Your Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

When:Sunday April 14th Time:7:00pm – 8:30pm

Space is filling up fast! Please RSVP to Cyd@CydsCircle.com ASAP


More than just a meditation but a life changing experience you will never forget!


Cyd will guide this powerful meditation that will align your soul with the Divine Supreme God Energy for a connection of oneness for a lifetime of Bliss, Joy and Love


Experience what it feels like to have your mine, body, soul and higher self all simultaneously immersed in boundless possibilities!


When:Sunday April 14th

Time:7:00pm – 8:30pm

Where:Discover the Wonders of Yoga Studio ~ 155 Broadway Road Dracut, MA.

What to Bring:A Pillow and a Blanket

Cost$20.00 per person

Cyd is coming to Boston in April!!

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Cyd will be in Boston April 10th – 15th. Book now for your personal reading and register for one or all three workshops.

Hurry, spots are filling fast!

*The Ultimate Relationship

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EXPERIENCE a life transformational reading when Cyd helps you realize that it’s your responsibility to CREATE who you are MEANT to be so your SOUL MATE will recognize you and SHOW UP!!!!

If you can envision your ULTIMATE relationship and want to make it into a reality sooner than later…sign up for a session with CYD!!!

Cyd will teach you the universal tools necessary to create loving, powerful, strong and lasting relationships by…Looking deep into your relationship ideas and finding out what is really NOT WORKING FOR YOU!

By owning who you are, who you have been, how you have been in relationships and NOW owning who you are GOING to be!

Making a commitment to a new lifestyle change, to bring your life’s path to align with another to be able for you to meet that certain someone!

*Miricles Within You

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Experience empowerment and total transformation!
You will experience Cyd doing what she does best, bringing Universal knowledge of Spirit in to the room – in to every Heart, Mind and Soul. Cyd will guide you to recognize, embrace and become your own Miracle ‐ THE MIRACLE WITHIN YOU! By realizing you can create and become your own miracle you will see clearly your life’s full path, destiny and purpose. What the Universe wants from you, your precious gift to others and your souls imprint on this world in this lifetime.

*Communicating With Your Guides.

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Being guided from beyond….hearing voices.

Whether we are being communicated to by our guides, angels, or spirits that have passed on…The Universe wants you to know…there are ways specifically designed for us to have our life path revealed to us in order to find our greatest desires, life’s passions and soul’s purpose while on earth. There are ways in which communication happens to us thru our intuition, psychic ability, dreams, meditation, and channeling.

If you would like to set up an Appointment and see Cyd in person or Register for the workshops.

Please call 928-899-4728 or email Cyd@CydsCircle.com

More information about workshops will follow

Boston Classes will be Rescheduled

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Due to Winter Storm Conditions All Classes Cyd was doing in Boston will be Rescheduled. If you have an appointment for a Reading with Cyd she will be doing the readings over the phone instead of in person. Call 928-899-4728 at your scheduled appointment time. Your safety comes first!!! If you missed your appointment Call 928-899-4728 or email Cyd@CydsCircle.com to reschedule. Thank you!

Cyd is In New York!

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Cyd is teaching two classes in New York at the Learning Annex
Cyd the Psychic Teaches you How to Create the Ultimate Relationship
When: Friday Feb. 1st Time: 7:00 – 10:00 pm Cost: $65.00
EXPERIENCE a life transformational evening when Cyd helps you realize that it’s your responsibility to CREATE who you are MEANT to be so your SOUL MATE will recognize you and SHOW UP!!!! Continue Reading!

Cyd is in Boston!

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Come get a personal reading from Cyd while she is in Boston! Cyd will be doing personal readings beginning Febuary 5th through Feburary 9th. Call her at 928-899-4728 to schedule your appointment today!