Ignite your own power/Live your powerful self – March 19

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LIVE YOUR POWERFUL SELF class and combined meditation

In this life changing course you will learn “WHO YOU ARE” and what your true life’s purpose and mission are. You will have the tools to design, create and bring forth the ULTIMATE LIFE you were born to live. Knowing your course and direction with clarity, you will bring about new behaviors for your ultimate destiny to unfold!


In order to live your life powerfully, beyond measure…one must first recognize “WHO YOU ARE” with out limited thinking. Owning your powerful self allows your true purpose and highest destiny to unfold. In the recognition of your purpose, new commitments are required. All limited thinking and all limited behavior will be removed….IGNITING YOUR OWN POWER….

Knowing your course and direction with complete clarity you will live your POWERFUL SELF!

In a guided meditation by Cyd, you will go deeply into a relaxed state. Thru a process you will be cleansed of any and all negative feelings, emotions and desires. Any blocks or obstacles to your greatest self will be permanently removed. Much like a glass that is full of mud, in order to fill the glass with champagne we must first remove the mud and clean the glass. Once the glass is cleaned and prepared properly it is now ready for champagne!

After removing these blocks, you will see your souls greatest desire and your full potential which will be deeply penetrated into your subconscious mind . Upon awakening, you will now have new thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires to direct yourself and your path to your greatest destiny!

Meditation is a vibrational shift of the body to allow spirit to flow thru us. It is an avenue to connect with the Divine Supreme Source for the purification of the mind , body and soul. It is where we become illuminated with spirit simultaneously with our higher self and Divine presence. Connecting ourselves to the higher power we have access to our soul’s knowledge and to the Universal knowledge. As a conduit of this energy we allow the Supreme energy to flow in around and thru us blessing ourselves, one another and God.