Daily Prayer

We humbly invoke to the Divine Supreme God, Divine Father, Divine Mother… To all the Spiritual teachers, all the Spiritual Elders, Holy Masters, Arch Angels, Holy Angels, Spiritual helpers and Saints…..We humbly invoke for your Divine Blessing.

I humbly thank you for your divine blessing in my life and my home. May your light and love and grace bring peace and happiness to all who enter here. May my home be blessed with angels that bring their peace here and use my home as a haven of their light. May the light of God shield my home from harm, and darkness not enter. May it be used by you forever.
As I clean my home, cleanse my soul to receive unto all your divine light, divine love, divine guidance and all healing energy.
As I rid my home of clutter, I clean out the past that holds me down. Release me from my past and deliver me to my future!

With tremendous love, respect and gratitude I humbly ask for your blessing on my family and friends. May they find joy, peace and laughter. May I be a sours of happiness in their lives. May our bonds be strong and based in truth. May they always know that in me they have love and support. I humbly ask for divine blessing for great love, to myself and to one another. Bless my life with true and great love. May I adore, cherish and honor all my relationships. May you grace my heart, mind and soul into the life of another. Bring us together in heart and mind as well as in body. May our relationship be a channel for your love and a vehicle of your grace and power.

Divine father, I ask for your blessing for our children. May they be blessed with your love care and protection. I surrender them into your hands to guide their lives. May they always see you at the center of their life. Make me the parent you want me to be. Show me how to love most patiently, to be there most fully, to understand who they are and their individual needs. May this family be a blessing to them always. May I shower your light upon them and into every part of their life.

Most heavenly and gracious divine supreme God, as I go to work today, may your spirit go with me. May my work be a vehicle of your divine love and light. Bless me with new creativity. May my workplace be renewed with integrity and excellence. May my contribution be of service to you. Show me the art of leadership. Show me the art of service I dedicate this work to you. May my talents be used for your good, my abilities be fully formed and my life’s energy be fully utilized! May I be graced with passion, brilliance, power, intelligence and humility. Show me my greatest achievements and lead me to my ultimate sense of purpose!

Thank you for your blessing With God all things are possible. We thank you. I thank you With tremendous love and gratitude we thank you.

In Full Faith…..So Be IT! Amen