Change your mind change your life

In this life transformational class Cyd reveals how spirit sees us. The truth of our souls. With new perception of oneself, you will change your mind from limited thinking to powerful thinking.

Our real power emanates from a source with in us , but not of us. Our greatest gift for living our ultimate life is the power to change our minds about ourselves and how we see the world. When we can view ourselves in a new light, our perception of ourselves and the world around us changes. New perception reveals your true powerful self. Correct perception is vital to ones success! It is the key to ones happiness! Welcome to Life Transformational in person and on line courses, classes, workshops and seminars and meditations!

As a master teacher, Cyd’s commitment to her students is to share Universal teachings in order for them to create transformation deep inside their being, igniting their soul to align with their greatest destiny. To create a point at which significant change occurs.

Cyd will share Universal knowledge in a clear and simple way to give you the freedom of thought to draw your own conclusions of your life, life path and greater purpose. Difficult subjects will become simple and clear for the teachings and transformation to be everlasting and permanent.

Every event is unique unto itself . There is no special format. All information will be provided by spirit at the time of the event. The Universal Source will be present guiding the event and each souls transformation.

In a guided meditation by Cyd, you will go deeply into a relaxed state. Thru a process you will be cleansed of any and all negative feelings, emotions and desires. Any blocks or obstacles to your greatest self will be permanently removed. Much like a glass that is full of mud, in order to fill the glass with champagne we must first remove the mud and clean the glass. Once the glass is cleaned and prepared properly it is now ready for champagne!
After removing these blocks, you will see your souls greatest desire and your full potential which will be deeply penetrated into your subconscious mind . Upon awakening, you will now have new thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires to direct yourself and your path to your greatest destiny!