Daily Blessings

How to Pray

People pray all the time with no real idea of how to pray. They think that if they ask for a situation to change then God will change it. BUT! The situation is there for your learning.

So…. to pray correctly is to first pray with Love and Gratitude with ALL your heart and soul. IN WORSHIP FIRST! ( After all, you are in the presence of the All Mighty…the All Knowing)

Secondly, ask to be blessed with Divine presence in your life. Ask for illumination. Ask to be aligned completely mind, body and soul to the thoughts and the will of God.

Ask for profound change to come from with in your self and the ones you are praying for. Ask for forgiveness. Ask to be of service. Ask for only God’s will to be done.

Lastly, Surrender your being…your thoughts … (this is the hard part) …your will…. (this is the other hard part )…. and your life will change! ( the easy part!)

Below are some Cyd has provided to help bless your life. Be sure to check back often as new blessings and prayers will be added all the time.