About Prayer

I am a firm believer that the energy of the morning brings to us one of our most valuable and powerful life force essences available to us. If we can become a part of that life force energy, our daily life becomes dictated through that essence.

Starting our day by filling ourselves with God’s essence aligns our thoughts with the will of God. Prayer is to unite the individual self with the absolute or pure consciousness. The union of our minds and spirit and the intention of God creates oneness and releases us all of the sense of separation.

Through prayer and the devotion to surrender ourselves to God, pure consciousness has an avenue to work with in us dictating and guiding our life to our greatest destiny and purpose.

By Greeting Each Morning With a Sense of Ceremony, I live This Blessing Throughout the Day

Thank you for this new day with a chance to begin again.

I give to you this day, all of myself and all of my doings.

As I surrender my destiny to you, may my spirit be filled with peace, allowing my mind, body and soul to be guided to your highest good and direct my life to the joys and blessings you are offering.

I give this day to you in gratitude of your magnificence.

I am humbled in awe of your presence.

As I am reminded of my own magnificence, may I be a reflection of your radiance, to channel your infinite power and wisdom to myself and others.

As I graciously receive the gifts you bestow upon me, let me be an instrument of joy for all I meet along my way.

Filled with your infinite presence emanating from me and of me, I graciously bind your light to myself, to others, and back to you.