About life

I believe living is a privilege.

Living is awesome in all it’s forms and if you are able to experience life in all it’s magnificence, it truly is an honor to be alive and human. Being alive means having the opportunity to experience ALL of life. With each experience, you will have opportunities to view your life in new ways, to find new meaning and to eventually see that all experience has value and is an honor to live it.

This includes, of course, various situations and circumstances that lead us to experience things like LOVE (everyone likes that first.) But not to exclude hurt, pain, gratitude, loneliness, joy, sacrifice, passion, peace, humility, intimacy, breath, sadness, glory, injustice, justice, freedom, judgment and honor just to name a few.

To live life fully, beyond measure, is the ability to live in gratitude of ALL of life’s experience and in such, viewing one’s life as a blessing. So, fully live life, want life’s peace and pleasure but embrace life’s conflict and pain.

Willingly, laugh and love joyfully without hesitation and honor what it is to be truly human and all it’s experience.

AND, give thanks for life.