About bringing your life into harmony

Bringing your life into harmony and balance takes work. Implementing the necessary changes into your daily life will transform your life from one of turmoil and disarray, into one of contentment, clarity and peace. Or another word, HARMONY. In order to achieve balance and harmony, all aspects of the self must be utilized. The mind, the body and the soul.

In order to live your life powerfully, beyond measure, all aspects of life’s existence must be utilized, each one enhancing and bringing forth the next level of completion. When our mind, body and soul are simultaneously connected, the wholeness of the self creates the avenue for pure consciousness to work within us. This wholeness provides a space open to receiving God’s love, the power that supplies your breath. When spirit breathes the inspiration of life into your soul, we become alive with a renewed sense of purity, beauty and boundless self expansion.

Once embodied with pure consciousness, our soul’s need for “truth of the self” drives us through life’s experiences of interaction, seeking an avenue for divine love to be shared, embraced and revealed to one another. Our ultimate relationship is a unified being with himself and the universe. When we are as one and of mind, one of body and one of spirit we recognize ourselves as having value to another’s existence. Living our place of value empowers us into a willingness of pure self expression.

In our self expression, we return home to a place of ease, of recognition, of truth, able to bind our own light to ourselves, to one another and to God. Spiritually renewed from the inside, conducting our path is the exact representation of our true self, giving life to our divine purpose.

Bringing forth our value. firmly living our truth, building our vision as the inspiration of spirit, we become our purpose. One’s purpose gives meaning to life. We are whole, alive in God’s love, in perfect relationship to ourselves and to one another, expressing ourselves in perfect harmony with life and being of purpose.